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MEPlast is a must

The countries within the Middle East and North Africa are among the most important markets of the Plastics, Pipes, and Petrochemicals industries due to their dynamic population structures, increasing purchase strength, cultural bonds and commercial potential. Egypt’s prime location saves it as the main hub to the Middle East Countries as well as Africa Countries and assists you target these regions which increases the significance of ME PLAST for the region and makes it a must attainable event.

MEPlast is

A business environment exhibiting all products and services in Plastic, Pipes, and Petrochemicals industries under one roof. The meeting point for Plastics, Pipes, and Petrochemicals industries gathering together all professionals from all around the world. The prime trade event of Egypt and Middle East that establishes aground for lucrative trade opportunities. The most important international commercial platform which enables its exhibitors to establish significant business relations and creates opportunities in Middle East and Africa where the high-growth potential for Plastics, Pipes, and Petrochemicals. The target of professional visitors from the Middle East and North Africa to decide important investment and purchases during the Exhibition.

Why Exhibit

To meet professional visitors from Egypt and around the world. To make new trade cooperation with executives and buying professionals of various industries and services. To strengthen your company’s brand image and brand awareness in the market. To present your latest products, technologies and services to right customers. Strengthen your relations with current customers and dealers. Get the chance to be together with manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and NGOs of the Plastics, Pipes and Petrochemicals industries and services. To observe the demand and expectations of the market and new technologies closely.

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Egypt Opportunities

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Industry Fundamentals

  • Upstream feedstock integration.
  • Horizontal integration: upgrade by products.
  • Refinery-petrochemicals.
  • Economy of scale.

Strategic Alliances with Existing Producers

  • Alternative product supply (scrap and rebuild).
  • Offer domestic market access in exchange of feedstock.
  • Local NGL development.

Private Sector

  • Stimulate the private sector.
  • Automotive parts production.
  • Clear investment guidelines attract.
  • foreign investments.

Develop a Domestic Market

  • Compounding.
  • Pipes and fittings for the surrounding region.
  • Packaging for the fishing and agriculture sector.
  • More fibers related developments.
  • Domestic market is the long term wealth.